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blown hot end circuit on Da Vinci 1.0
I was trying to sort the hotness not heating problem and unplugged then re-plugged the connector whilst it was on. Now the hot end does not heat up.
I have tested the heater by applying 12v to it and it heats up fine but I am not getting 12v on the pins on the motherboard.

Can anyone give me some pointers what components might have been damaged so I can check them and replace to get my machine back up and running please?
This is the wrong forum, go to user support and check out my topic "shorted motherboard" there is good info in there.
Probably busted the r271
Same happened to me. Figure out which pin is the positive by checking for voltage. You will see +12v ghosting on the negative pin but 0v on the pin that is positive. You want to move the wire for the positive to the positive of the bed hookup. You can find it by tracing it on the motherboard. That's what I did at least...
Any chance of a picture of your wiring please. That way I might be able to understand where to connect the 12V line.
I guess it has to still go through the temperature control of the Hot end or that could get too hot?
The heaters are PWM controlled, so the +12v is constant y on when the printer is on, and the -12v is where the temperature is controlled. The trick is to move the +12v source to another +12v source and leave the -12v where it is at so the printer can continue to control the power output to the heater. Since these heaters are such low wattage, adding them to the +12v of the build plate doesn't hurt anything, and, from what I can tell, actually helps the heater ramp up faster. Here is a picture of an unmodified 1.0 printer and a modified 1.0A printer. Note the wires are white on both, I just put new wires in the 1.0A so they are green now.



The Idea is to keep the right pin attached to it's original location.[Image: IMG_20150402_230911.jpg][Image: IMG_20150402_230539.jpg]
OK Tried that and the hot end is still not heating up.
Not sure how to test the MOSFET that is just above the original hot end connector on the board.

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