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Davinci thermocouple connection?
Sorry for all the posts lately but I've got two projects going on. I'm upgrading my current printer and repairing a broken one. But I ordered a mk9 and the only thing I'm unsure about is the thermocouple. Is the thermocouple comparable with the thermistor wires coming from the motherboard? I also read that the davinci extruder circuit board controls heat measurements so I would have to wire directly to the wire connecting to the motherboard.
Does anyone know? I get my mk9 today and I don't want to mess anything upSad
A thermocouple is less accurate than a thermistor, but is capable of taking higher temperatures. If you plan to run polycarbonate, I'd try to make the thermocouple work. Otherwise, swap it for a thermistor and don't overcomplicate things.
Thanks Tom. The thermocouple looks like it's in RTV. How do you remove RTV?
Toothpick works. RTV doesn't have great adhesion, it's typically used as a sealant between surfaces that are secured together with fasteners.
I read online that gasoline causes silicone RTV to swell making it easy to remove. If I extract the hot end and soak it in the gasoline will it ruin the thermistor wires?

I have to somehow remove the RTV without heat because my mobo is shorted at the moment.
How about a hair dryer? Lighter? Small torch? The heating element isn't the only way to heat something up.

And I told you... toothpick... don't need heat
Sorry I didn't see your toothpick comment. I'll give it a try tonight thanks!
So I did not succesfully remove the thermistor from the older extruder hot end that I wanted to salvage. The sensor was stuck between a screw that for the life of me I could not figure out how to remove. So I broke it trying to wedge it in between the screw.

Nonetheless I have more thermistors coming to me via mail. I picked up some fireplace silicone that is fire resistant. My question is, is there requirements on what silicone you use to mount a resistor?
So I read sodium silicate is what I want. But can some one confirm these ingredients so I don't mess up my hotend? Thanks!

ZINC BORATE 2335 138265-88-0 15 - 40%
Polymer Trade Secret 10 - 30%
Water 7732-18-5 10 - 30%
Sodium Silicate 1344-09-8 10 - 30%
Ethylhexyldiphenyl Phosphate 1241-94-7 3 - 7%
Iron Oxide 1309-37-1 1 - 5%
Polyethylene Glycol 25322-68-3 1 - 5%
OXIDE GLASS CHEMICALS 65997-17-3 1 - 3%
NVM I figured it out myself. The stupid hotend thread is a pain to unscrew. I am afraid of damaging the brass end.

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