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Shorted motherboard
So go figure with my luck I fixed one problem and caused another. Some how I shorted I think 3 resistors on my motherboard while cleaning the hotend. I honestly don't know what I did. Either the wire I was using touched the extruder pcb board or some how I overloaded the machine trying to keep the hotend hot. But regardless I really need help please! Sad attached are the resistors I think are the culprit. Before I try to fix this, is there anything else I should be worried about? If I really screwed up this machine I might as well scrap it. D1 d2 and d3 look shorted. Not sure about anything else but this looks like the problem area.
[Image: image-3.jpg]
Hi Barry

You'll probably find that the parts you mentioned are actually leds... What made you to suspect something was wrong to go searching?
these will pretty much tell you that the 5v, 3v, and 12v rails are working.
Thanks. I checked my printer and they actually look fine. So my lcd is dead but I can still navigate through it because it's emitting sound. I used s3d and sent a print and the extruder didn't power. So I think I did in fact short my extruder pcb board. But I don't know how I messed up my lcd in the process.
barry ask Tyler he got and fixed same issue
That was semi helpful. I know for sure I shorted my board because there are only two LEDs lit. D2 is not lit. I will do some research on finding burnt out resistors. I have a multimeter but the two reader looking things look bigger so checking resitors might be hard to check. I don't know how to even check voltage readings honestly lol. I have a lot of learning to do
this was the fix I guess :
Wow thanks a ton. This was really helpful!
Is there an easy way to calculate the resistance in ohms that a resistor should be putting out. All I read online is that a R271 resistor is .271 ohms.
the value is written on resistor itself - use a magnifier or a take a picture and enlarge it to be able to read it
like here :

Personally I use USB microscope it is cheap and convenient.
Thanks Luc. I found a bunch of resisters that look EXACTLY like the resistors in the davinci. They are small black with numbers on the resister. I couldn't see why I couldn't use these for future repairs?
So I realized my motherboard must be newer than some other people because the smd fuse I bought was too big. On top of that I accidentally replaced the wrong resistor. I put the fuse in for a "k" resistor. If I put a wrong resistor in will it mess up my board permanently?

By the way, I was testing the voltage of the power supply and the black power supply had correct values but the white power supply prongs didn't have any value.

I am thinking about shelving the printer and using it for parts at this point. I might switch in a smoothie board eventually.

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