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prints freeze about 30-45 min into each print
Hi everyone,
I just flashed my da vinci 1.0a with repetier 0.92 last night and all seems to work great and I love all the new options I have now but when ever I start a print it starts printing fine but at about 30-45 min into the print the printer restarts and freezes the print. ive been searching all morning and trying different stuff with no change and it happens both printing from the pc and from the sd card. I haven't been able to complete one print yet.
Any ideas or fixes?

these are the directions and files I used for the flash if it matters
flash directions
what version of arsuino are you using?
in the configuration tab of the repetier firmware I set davinci to 1 and model to 1 no other changes.

I previously had arduino 1.6.1 installed but uninstalled it and then reinstalled 1.5.8 prior to flashing. I also copied the files from the repiter github to the proper arduino folders as instructed in the video.
you can disable the watchdog to see if it is him which reset the printer
in variant.cpp you copied in arduino/... directory uncomment the line DisableWatchdog then rebuild/replash the FW
ok to reflash do i just short the jumper again?
just compile and reflash - no jumper need
looks like that worked I did a 2 1/2 hr print without a hitch probably the best looking print to come off my printer yet.
Thank You!
You may check what freeze your printer up to 8s to trigger the watchdog - if it is constant period 30-45 min - could be something in your GCODE

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