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Extruding filament problems
My extruder isn't pushing much filament out. I've tried temp changes and different filaments. I've tried different slicers and still the same thing. Is my stepper motor done?
Barry, is the gear kicking back, or you arent extruding as much as youd expect? When the filament comes out of the nozzle, is it straight down or at an angle? If its not straight down you have something clogging the nozzle.

With so many folks on the forum now Im probably getting user setups crossed, but didnt you recently try to swap extruder gears? Did you happen to make slicer/firmware changes while troubleshooting the gear change? If you are the guy that said his new extruder gear was mutilating filament, the gears could be clogged with bits of filament and not gripping it properly. I clean mine off with a wire brush and sometimes a toothpick if I come across a stubborn piece.

Not a lot to go on with the info provided, so please dont take offense if my questions seem obvious.
I'm actually repairing a broken printer I have. I have it running now just the filament isn't feeding great. I do notice the filament bunching at the end of the nozzle and not coming out in a straight line.
It's swirling out of the hot end. I took apart and put a small Allen wrench down the big end and used the small wire on the nozzle with zero success. Guess I have to look into cleaning the nozzle.
Wow 3d printing is so frustrating. As I was cleaning my hot end I noticed some smoke near the extruder pcb board and the lcd is now blank. FML.

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