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Wolf Bite, Bed adhesion product
Ran into something good in the 3d printing section of my local electronics store, called Wolf Bite. Its a bed adhesion product for PLA and it works great from what I can tell. This stuff comes in a small bottle that looks like soap bubbles and smells like vinegar. Comes with a foam brush and you just paint your entire bed with a coat and PLA isnt coming off the bed until its done.

I had pretty good success with hairspray and pla but taller prints were still prone to getting knocked off the bed, especially if it had intricate edges that could curl up and snag the nozzle. I haven't had a single print come off the bed with this stuff. $15 for a small bottle, but it does seem like it will last quite awhile...and 15 is a small price to pay to avoid the surprises where the model has shifted or is stuck to the nozzle. Wink
this one ?
Luc, I should have done more product research before posting that, I wasnt aware they had different types.
I had been meaning to post about this for a week now and kept forgetting, so I just posted a fast one before leaving for work. Wink

The product I have direct experience with is the WolfBite Nano for PLA. I dont see how their ABS line would work better than slurry, but if its easier to cleanup and apply, Im in.

While I do enjoy troubleshooting prints, bed adhesion had become my number one time and filament consumer even with a new level plate of glass and heater. Im finding I dont have babysit the first few layers anymore, just in case a corner would need glued down. So wonderful coming back to the printer in the morning to see an overnight print finished successfully.
I was asking because they write :
Do you prefer to print in PLA? Wolfbite NANO (for PLA) will be available soon!

Bur seems you already have, I wondering if same product
I saw that too, but at least one local store is carrying it in the US. This is where I found mine:
seems their web site is not up to date - they also sell it directly

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