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My mk8 extruder sucks
1. It chews up the filament no matter what the tension is.

2. Nozzle size of printing ABS doesn't seem to change when I'm using .3mm or .1mm

3. The hotend manages to become loose every so often and rotates around freely

4. The print quality comes out blobby and temperature of the bed or hot end doesn't change it. Re calibrated multiple times with no different in quality.

Mk8 is greeentech and cost 55$. Is it fake? Wth am I doing wrong here
So yes it was a fake. Never buy extruder off ebay. They may function good for some people but these are junk. I went to remove my mk8 hotend and as I was doing this the thermistor was loose. It fell apart when I took it out. The glass sensor was broken in half. What junk.

I am not messing around any more. I ordered a MK9 from makergeek.

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