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Blower Fan Duct Asy

Fan setup uses a 50mm blower, 5015S, 5V 0.15A.
The wiring is run into the existing extruder cooling fan socket and controlled by Repetier.

The duct is a 2 piece ABS part, glued w/ acetone. 1mm walls.
The blower fan has a nub near its outlet that must be filed off for the duct to fit.
See next post.

It is removable, however, if left on the end will soften from 90C bed temp and will collapse
The duct bottom was later lined w/ aluminum tape and wrapped w/ Kapton tape. So far-ok.
The bottom lip of the duct is only about 4-5 mm above the bed and aimed downward toward bed extrusion.
Fan speed is run at 36-39 in Repetier. When its over 40, the extrusion temp starts to lower.

In order to use this setup, the bottom of the X belt had to be lifted.
In Belt Lift01-02 pics, youll see a phillips screw. There is an existing hole above, no drilling.
The metal guide piece was in my junk drawer and fit perfectly to lift the belt out of the way.

[Image: DAVPLAblower01.jpg][Image: Blowerfanduct02.jpg][Image: BeltLift01.jpg][Image: BeltLift02.jpg][Image: Fanmount03.jpg][Image: BlowerDuct01.jpg][Image: FanDuctBodystl01.jpg][Image: FanDuctCoverstl01.jpg]
Heres a PLA part printed w/ setup. PLA Silver.
140mm L x 40mm W x 20mm H

Blower fan filed nub.

How to attach STL files ?[Image: PLApart01.jpg][Image: BlowerFan01.jpg]

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