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Looking for advice for printing overhangs
Hi folks,

Next challenge: getting overhangs to look pretty. I've tried printing with and without support, and the results are often the same. Anything more challenging than a 60 degree angle winds up with wavy extrusions that are ok for structural parts but don't look very nice on models and figurines.

This evening I made a test print at 50% scale of an exhaust fan duct I'm working on, and a couple of pictures are attached. I didn't actually measure the angle I'm working with, but to my eye it looks fairly close to 45 degrees. There is support both "inside" and "outside" of the print. The fascinating thing is that the "inside" overhangs (2nd photo) came out beautifully, but the "outside" overhangs (3rd photo) look wavy and ugly. I've circled the areas that had support under them. Any thoughts why there would be a difference or how to fix it?

The walls are 0.8 mm (i.e. in the original part is 1.6 mm and it's scaled to 50%).[Image: Overhang_1.jpg][Image: Overhang_2.jpg][Image: Overhang_3.jpg]

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