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Heat problems when unloading filament
I recently upgraded to an mk8 and for some odd reason the printer purposely waits for the temperature to go below 130C for the stepper motor to kick in. Loading the filament has no issues it heats to 220C and loads it great. But as soon as I try to unload it the temp forces it to go to 130c to start working
I did some research and it looks like its a firmware/software issue. Not a big deal, as loading the filament I can quickly unlock the gears and pull it out slowly.

I found my last issue before getting my MK8 up and running. The thermistor plug into the small
pcb board (not sure what it is called?) well anyways it becomes loose and caused the fan to stop working and the hot end to get extremely hot. The extruder started smoking (filament burning). This happens because the temp goes from 220 to 10C and it thinks it needs to get hotter.

So my solution is to directly solder the thermistor ends to the PCB heater connection on the PCB board. I think this will safely keep the thermistor directly connected and hopefully it doesn't overheat.

Also I need help. I'd rather use my davinci thermistor wire for the MK8 hotend but when I hook up the wire it doesn't read the hotend. Does anyone know why?
Be very careful with the OEM thermistor. It has bare wires for the last 1mm or so before the actual thermistor. If those short together you could kill the main board.

Why not use the MK8 thermistor?
I think I will use the mk8 thermistor. But it gets loose easily on the small pcb board. Does soldering make sense? Also what do you mean by shorting the main board with the OEM thermistor? How does this happen?

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