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Repetier # command waiting on DaVinci 1.0A
Hi all,

I have installed the firmware and software to replace my crappy XYZWare with Repetier. All went well but when I connect my printer to Repetier and send any command all I get is " 1 Command Waiting" the number of commands keep growing but nothing happens on the printer side. If I click the OK button a bunch of times, the printer will do what I told it to do until all commands are cleared. I have tried changing to different settings under Printer Setting with no luck. I also tried different cables.

Please help! Thanks.
means you have no communication, so repetier host is not setup properly :
Thanks for your reply.

I have already tried all the settings from the link you mentioned unsuccessfully. In fact, those are the instructions I used for my installation.
May I have a screenshot of your connection repetier settings and one of the log when you try to connect ?
Thank you for helping me with this Luc. Attached are the screenshots. As I mentioned before, the printer connects but I have to click the OK button in the Manual screen many times to acknoledge the commands and the printer reacts to it.


[Image: PrinterSettings.jpg][Image: Log.jpg]
I am not sure to understand which OK button ?
I see no connection - repetier cannot see the temperatures
Under Manual Control tab towards the bottom, there is the OK button. When I click that button the printer will react to the commands.
well normaly when connecting it read temperatures so no action is needed

Printer is working properly I guess - like doing a homing in printer menu work ?

I would suggest to :
1 - unplug printer from USB
2 - reboot computer / reboot printer
3 - Start repetier / do not connect
4 - plug printer - be sure it is not USB 3.0 port ! they seems bringing some problem
5 - wait the chime then push connect
It should display a bunch of commands from host and answers from printer

another test:
Use the arduino serial monitor, it is in tools menu of arduino IDE , set correct Board/Port and baud (230400) and check if printer send some wait messages
If I use the Serial Monitor, what command do I need to send in order for the printer to respond?
none but you should see the printer send many wait message
I have the correct port and board selected but when I open Serial Monitor, baud (230400) is not one of the options.
no problem you should see the wait at the maximun speed of terminal,
So after playing with this issue for a while and getting help from Luc, I was still having communication issues with the printer. I decided to try a different laptop with same Repetier configuration except this one has Windows 8.1 (the other had Windows 7). Now everything is working like a charm. Not sure what is keeping the other laptop from communicating properly.

Thanks Luc
Does your not working has 3.0 USB port ? it may be the root cause
It is a USB 2.0 port.

The other one is a Surface Pro 3 with a USB 3.0 and that is the one that works fine.

I appear to be running into the same issue.

I'll reexplore late tonight or tomorrow, I've about had enough of poking at this thing today...
A nap helped.

Also setting "Reset on Connect" from the default DTR low-high-low to Due native USB port probably helped too. Wink

It's printing with Hatchbox PLA now.

And Cura sliced in 18 seconds what XYZware still hadn't finished in 3hrs +
Jodie, is there no end to your successes?! Superb!
Thank you! But hold your applause until we see if this looks good at the end of this - my first model with a lot of supports (generated by MeshMixer) and by FAR the most complex yet. I will say though that it really looks like fantastically good quality sitting 20% done on the bed, assuming I can successfully remove the supports when it's done. Smile

I do have a lot of good tools for getting in and cleaning up those details though.

Thank you for the kind words!
I would suggest you to review the menu flow available in readme ( to be aware of all settings/features
and also to review the repetier.ino ( to understand the available GCODE commands

Doing this will cover 99% of your coming questions Wink

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