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Heating wire fix (loose connection near hotend)
I recently bought a new extruder that I discovered to have a loose connection ~2 Inches from the hotend. Thinking to myself that this repair would be impossible since soldering or using a quick connect to fix the wires would be not be a longterm solution since the extruder moves rapidly which would put stress on the soldered wire.

I thought about different solutions a little more and found a relatively easy fix. I took the working heating wire and cut 10" off of it to replace the faulty heater wire. I then slid the rubber tubing covering about 3" off the broken heater wire near the hotend and discovered that a long metal needle connects to the wire by a long metal prong.

I then used needle nose pliers to open up the prong on the heater wire side to remove the heater wire. Then I used two pliers and pulled the needle looking wire out the other end of the prong. I primed one end of the new heating wire I extracted and carefully slid the wire into the prong. Then I did the same on the other end of the prong with the needle wire using pliers. Then I worked the metal prong back over the new heater wire and pressed firmly with pliers. I slid the rubber tubing back over it and BAM it worked.

If anyone is interested in this replacement and needs pictures to explain ill gladly take pictures with steps.

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