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Chitu board installation impressions
I have been struggling with the installation of a Chitu printer board into a machine of mine for weeks. The first board got sent back and was replaced with a "new" board. God only knows why I chose to risk using a board I have never heard of but, live and learn I guess.

I will save my breath and paste the last email I sent out of 40+ emails I have sent to this company.
"I finally got my new extruder built and have been attempting to test the Chitu board for most of the day.

As you may remember I had a bad board and was sent a "new" board by your company. So today I got to do some real testing and I must say, this board is the worst excuse for a printer board that I have ever seen.

The board constantly reverses the X axis direction whenever I feed filament through the extruder. When told to "home" all the axis, the X axis goes the wrong direction after extruding. It works before extruding but not after.

Also the extruder will work for few seconds and then stutter and stop all together and will not move again until the machine is turned off and back on. I thought the board was corrupting the firmware some how but I have checked and reloaded firmware dozens of times. There is also no way to connect it and use repetier or simplify3d or any other software. Every model has to be loaded on the SD card and printed from the machine.

I am done trying to make this board work at any level. If there is someone out there that has made this board work for them then that is fine but my board is going in the trash. I would have had a Ramps board working weeks ago and been satisfied.

Good job making a board that is quite possibly the most functionality limited, rudimentary, entry board in history.


I think I will smash it with the biggest hammer I have.
well now you may think Davinci board is not so bad or you got a bad series
I like the Ramps. I got the Chitu because of the specs and the touch screen. I was wrong.
well ramps is robust for sure , it has several years of seniority, chitu is still young so can improve
From another point of view, unless they would be very cheap , I won't go for an all in one solution having soldered drivers, propietary display , etc
if anything goes wrong (and Murphy Law is always right...) it is easier to fix /upgrade when have sockets and common connectors but it is IMHO
Well I changed it out to a Ramps/Arduino and I am up and printing in less than 4 hours including wiring, software and problems. Holy cow I cannot believe how terrible the Chitu board is. Granted I may be part of the problem but the Ramps is producing models so I don't care if I was part of the problem or not. Smile
I am building a printer based on Due/RADDS/GraphicLCD, and everytime I meet an issue I switch to my Mega/Ramps to check if it is me/ the electronic part or the FW, Mega/Ramps is my reference as always works
Hi chris,

could you elaborate a little bit on how did you get the power supply connected to the motherboard. I have everything wired up but I just can't get the motherboard work on 12V power supply. It works on 5V usb connection.

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