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Carrier board for DAVINCI 1.0 and 2.0 printers (all)
Hi Guys,

It seems like the new firmware 1.1.4 on AiO (and I presume the rest are to follow), no longer reads the cartridges for the temperatures (or at least this is what some of my users are telling me). I've also received a few requests for alternate ways to end this cat/mouse continuous updating/downgrading of firmwares. While most do not have an issue, there are some which would rather just swap the motherboard and get done with XYZWare and all the limitations.

So ...

I was thinking about making some carrier boards with all connectors in the right place on the edges as well as the USB port and LCD, which could host an Arduino DUE/Saintsmart or other clone board plus the RAMPS-FD ( . The idea behind this is that you could use off the shelf boards and just plug them into the carrier board and have DAVINCI friendly connectors for a drop-in replacement to the main board (without cutting wires). In addition, having an open hardware, may make various packages like S3D etc work even better with the community behind a common (standard) Hardware platform across the 1.0, 1.0A, 2.0, 2.0A printers ...

Is this something of interest? I'm not sure how to do a poll so I'll just leave this thread here and keep an eye on it to see if its worth doing a small production run of the carrier boards.

The Ramps-FD is only available in Rev 1 and has several issues as far I know, I was never able to find a Rev2 supposed to fix the mofsets problem - and seems no more supported for what I read in several forums (but I may be wrong) - do you means you plan to do some Ramps-FD rev 3 ?
So far RADDS is the one which have a good support but more expensive than RAMPS-FD
The main two goals are to make it a cost effective universal board (easy to swap without cutting any wires) and to unite the community of firmware developers for the 1.0,1.0a,2.0,2.0a, using a standardized hardware platform for all 4 printers (and future ones) without having to go through the pain of remapping pins etc.

I can easily get away from RAMPS altogether. I mentioned RAMPS because it was cheap and already available, but if it has issues, not a big deal. We could use the standard DUE as the main processor and then just add the rest of the parts on the carrier with adequate FETS/HEATSINKS and correct whatever other issue etc.

If we choose to do this then we can also map the pins to the same layout as the 1.0/DUO to the DUE which would make the repertier software run directly as if it was uploaded to a 1.0 or 2.0 board without changes (maintaining the development efforts).
Ok understood - actually keep same pin out will be difficult as 1.0 and 1.A use different pinout, 2.0 is an extension of 1.0 and 2.0A is an extension of 1.0A
So better to choose one generation pinout for all printers.

But I am sure several people will be interested as several people already moved to smoothieboard or Mega/Ramps, so it is good idea.
One suggestion : the complete printer is a cost down product, so all connectors/wires are not really good, so bringing connectors bridges may not solve all and bring deception, so also proposing a end to end wiring solution could also attract people even it is more complex to setup.
Just my 2 cents

About development effort, I am working on support of Due/RADDS/Graphical LCD for another printer I am building using same FW to avoid to maintain several ones :
Yes one generation pin out like perhaps the 1.0 as it has been most documented with whatever additional pins needed

what are the current wiring issues? The only one that I am aware of is the heat bed but the issue is at the bed itself where it burns out (I had a few users reporting that) to which I am already working on a replacement one with swappable glass to make Kapon tape/other base media placement easier.

Thanks for your posts luc you know I enjoy them Smile
Thanks ^_^
Well, I saw on forums several people having connector issue for extruder heater / Thermistor, generating sensor defect issue, so they remove the connectors and do a direct soldered connection to solve the problem.
Seems also a known issue about the LCD ribbon sometime damaged (may be on old generation only)
Even me, recently I got my right extruder's connector losing the wire..., the wire just left the connector just like that... - seems the wire was not soldered to the pin but just set inside, so it come out, I soldered a new pin and replaced the one in the connector.
Not seeing much interest in this.
I think the interest will pick up. There are a lot of these being sold, and they function pretty well off the shelf. As XYZ shoots themselves in the foot, and stock boards fail... People will begin knocking on your door...
By this do you mean something like the replicape? that can plug into another controller board?
Wham I was thinking is a same form-factor board that replaces the existing one (with same connectors on the edges) - making it super easy for everyone to swap - the board would be hosting more open source hardware,and compatible with repertier, S3D etc. Either repertier custom build firmware (0.92+) (or Marlin) running on a Arduino DUO based hardware.
I, for one am ready to scrap the OEM board and go with ramps or whatever will let me put a standard extruder in the printer.

I've got two other printers, a Mendel Max 1.5 and a Pursa that run with not problems at all. But every time I turn around I'm having to pull the extruder out of the xyz to change the heater or thermocouple or clean it out because the design restricts airflow allowing the thing to have "issues" I can't solve in any way except burning it out. My current problem is that the board says it won't heat beyond 160 C. even after changing the heater twice, the thermocouple twice, and even pulling the entire hotend out, making a replacement and trying that. And it still won't work. In a last effort I dug up a laser thermometer and checked the actual temp of the end and it actually says it's 260 C.!!!

So I'm guessing that I now have a problem with the board on the extruder - which is just a stupid design!

I absolutely see a change of the motherboard in my future. So if you want to take a swing at making a shield that would be connector friendly, put me down as a first purchaser/beta tester/lab rat - go for it, I'm ready, and I bet a lot of others will be too. If the display is non functional, I could care less. As long as the printer works.
WC Tech-

Please put me down for one (and let me know how dev goes on that BLE module for the XYZero - I'm really looking forward to beating up my code on it!

Yes, me too! This would be great.
Please let us know if you are going to pursue this project. There really are a lot of us looking for an option like this. I'm in the midst of a CNC Router project right now or I'd already be swapping out my board with some of the many varieties of test boards I've got in my tool box, but I just don't have time to do all the circuit tracing right now. But if somebody develops a board specifically for this, I'll be all over it.
I'm also interested. Would be good to have a way of easily turning it into an AIO in the future too.
I'd also be interested in one*. I currently have a ramps lying around and was thinking of making a set of extension wires to match the DaVinci board plugs but if you do get these made it sounds like an easier option. Also if I can help support anything that helps other people get open source then I'm in.

*Cost would be a very important factor as the only reason to buy a DaVinci is its price. On the point of ramps, the ubiquitous old 1.4 is adequate and under $10. So is an arduino Mega. Due is an extra $20, so about $40 + the cost of your board to upgrade. If you were getting the boards custom printed in a small run OshPark would charge $38 per board. DIY might be a somewhat cheaper option but time consuming. Then there is the cost of connectors so all up I think you'd be looking at about the $100 mark just for kit form, which I can't see being too popular....
...If on the other hand you were willing to go the whole hog and get custom boards made complete with built in hardware (like the 5dprint) then I think there is a serious business opportunity for you. An all-in-one replacement board would probably cost $50 -$60 to produce and if you sold them for $100 preloaded with firmware they would sell like hot cakes. The main guy who designed the 5DPrint board is Martyn Kay who you can find on facebook/google+.(Another guy Elliot Polk did custom software for it.). They are both open source supporters and have already been through the process of having boards manufactured commercially, so it might be worthwhile asking Martyn to just redesign the layout of the 5dPrint board out connectors to fit the layout of the DaVinci board. IIRC you can get boards made in lots of 100, but those guys would know the exact details and who to contact to get it done.

If I had the time I would do it myself, but if you or anyone else is willing and able to organise it, I'll be first in line to buy one.
I'm definitely interested and really could use one of these right now.
my board just ate it. I am in!
I know that you are far more knowledgeable about the Arduino boards than I am, but wouldn't the Mega board be a better choice giving the familiarity that many have with it in a 3d printer? I'm also curious if all the functions of the XYZ can be addressed by the Due? I use the Mega for about everything I build, so I'm far more familiar with it and my personal weak spot - programing. Smile

My 1.0 is sitting in the corner of my office begging for me to tackle a repair, upgrade, overhaul, something. While I've been very happy with most of the results I've gotten from the printer, every problem I've had with it is related to the efforts Davinci made to make as much propriety as possible. I think pulling all that out (mostly by replacing the main board with something more standard), fixing a couple minor mechanical issues that can be very simply addressed will solve every "problem".

As such we are all waiting to order the shield you are going to design. You tell us when and how to order one and I'll take two - at least. I suspect it may turn into a shield that will be at home in any 3d printer, so don't limit your potential market to the Divinci market - because if it will work on a XYZ, it will work on any RepRap too and make the use of magnetic limit switches on a RepRap more friendly.
So my 1.0a board went today, 2 months after finally flashing repetier and 2 weeks after completing an e3d v6 install....yay :angry: Hoping this is something still being planned? Besides xyz's site, wctek was the next site I checked for a replacement board as I already own a resetter lol!

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