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DaVinci doing a massive offset print
so i have a davinci 1.0a that is about a month old and was printing just fine till could days ago. gradually it got worse to now its printing to the x axis horribly. i have tried different firmwares, different slicers, checked the g code, checked belts and tension and guide teeth on the motors. all without any improvement. any one got any ideas?[Image: IMG_1818-2.jpg]
I'm getting the same problem. There are no obvious signs of mechanical failure, nothing slipping, and everything is tight and adjusted properly. Using repetier host, 0.92 firmware, and slic3r from within repetier host. Printer worked flawlessly for a long time and at random it's started doing this. The only thing I've found that helps is to restart repetier and the printer before each print, and that is only helping 75% of the time.[Image: IMG_20150325_175638.jpg][Image: IMG_20150325_175622.jpg]
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