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MK8 full assembly with carriage
Hey everyone. First of all I want to thank jeeplvr for sharing his mk8/hexagon mod on thingverse. I used his design and modified it to fit the full MK8 assembly on the davinci with linear bearings. My remix design is very preliminary and made with the intent to see if I could get it working. If all said and done the mod works I will be redesigning it so that it will look more pleasant to the eye.

So I had some issues with positioning the hotend and other minor dimension problems so I hacked away at the printed model to make it fit better. Attached are images of where I am at. The only concern I have is if the quick connects I used will work, they were a pain to slide the wires into. I am more concerned with the positioning of the hotend. It is sort of close to the belt and some of the plastic carriage.

[Image: image1.jpg][Image: image2.jpg][Image: image3.jpg]
That doesn't look bad at all!
Hope it works out good for you. I am in the process of making a carriage for the complete MK8 as well. Race you! Smile
Thanks! Design is not the prettiest but I was moving fast. Just a tip from my experience with the linear bushings, I printed it at a 15.2mm diameter and they still did not fit into the gauge. I had to sand the holes quite a bit to get them to fit snugly. I am guessing a diameter of 15.3mm - 15.4mm would be a perfect fit. But who knows, the manufacturer of my linear bushings could have rounded the specs to 15mm.

I think if you are working on a carriage for it, it might not be worth working on tweaking my carriage remix. Your designs are very clean. I use 3d max which is not the best modeling program for 3d printing. I think I read that you use solidworks? Which is a solid modeling program that doesn't use faces. But If you want me to mod my remix so that there may be some design ideas in the process I am willing to do that.

But before I do that, I am going to create .1-.2mm bushings that fit into the y carriage to stop the wiggle/vibratings of the shaft.
Oh! I forgot to mention. The bushing hole that is open, only needed the 15.2mm diameter and it slid in perfectly, I didn't need to sand this part.
For rounded parts I constantly find that my davinci prints them with a diameter 0.2-0.3 smaller than the actual size... not sure if it's reaching its mechanical limits for accuracy or maybe the extrusion is wrongly calibrated/configured...
So I got the extruder and carriage installed perfectly. I powered it up and the extruder homed home. I tried loading filament with no success. The extruder gear seems like it's not rotating at all. I examined the stepper motor ( which is not stock oem) and I saw that it was stuttering and reversing directions in one very small rotation. Thinking it was too tight to the filament I spread the gear and idler apart and it still was clicking/stuttering. Now I think the issue is lack of power supply to support the stepper motor. My judgement on this is that when trying to unload the filament the temperature started decreasing. I noticed that the fan was not running, which is a davinci fan. I also noticed at some points when the extruder was clicking the led lights flickered
So onto my question. Is it the stepper motor? All connections look good. Did I botch the printer?
Make sure the wires to the stepper are connected well. My stepper does this if one leg of power is not connected. Does your printer have the original control board?
MK8 to Davinci 1 carriage

[Image: MK8final.jpg][Image: MK8final1.jpg][Image: MK8final2.jpg][Image: MK8final3.jpg]

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