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Heated bed does not heat up anymore
Never ending story of good Davinci products. Suddenly on one of my Davinci 1.0's the heated bed does not heat up anymore. Stays at 31C. Printed fine, then next print never heats up the bed.

Doing a calibrate does not heat up the bed, either.

Loose connections ? Can the wires feeding the bed heater break because of the up/down movement ?

Which wires do I need to check ? The black ones going to the bed ?

I do not see a connector, do I need to trace it to the board and disconnect from there ?

What should be the resistance of the heating element ?

Is this a common issue with the heated glass bed or an issue with the driver from the board side ?
Open circuit measuring from the wires side with the board disconnected.

I took the glass bed off and I can see that one wire is off since they used HUGE blob solder points instead of spreading the twisted wires on a wider area and doing an elegant spread solder to maximize the contact area, better current flow and better mechanical leverage.

I guess in time the pretty high current cooks off the thin copper at the contact point and falls off.

Too tired to fix it tonight, will take it off tomorrow slowly to do it right and try to resolder it on a wider area to avoid the problem in the future.
Solder does not stick to the heater bed filament. I used rosin core solder, but...
I could not get a solder hold, so I cleaned a larger area, soldered, failed, then glued it as tight as possible and soldered a short wire to the initial failed point to relieve the mechanical stress. Figured the downforce from the glass will hold it in place, hopefully.

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