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Update from Repetier 0.91 to 0.92?
Just picked up a second hand DaVinci 1.0 running repetier 0.91. I'm still VERY new to arduino, anything I should know about updating from 0.91 to 0.92?
Just follow the instructions - update Variant.cpp, use arduino 1.5.8, etc...

I flashed my XYZ da vinci 3D printer with repetier 0.92, now, how do I install Repetier on my computer in order to print?
I just give the link in previous message - did you read it ?
I just want to know if I can use Repetier software Version 1.0.6 to print even though I used 0.92 to flash my printer.

I'm new to 3D printing, so my knowledge is minimun.
yes, 1.0.6 is latest repetier host and 0.92 is latest fw
Thank you.
Its me again.

Repetier host 1.0.6 wont recognize my printer?

Any ideas why
Check you are not using 3.0 USB port, it seems not working well with printer underWwindows neither OSX so far
I was able to get it to work, I change some settings on the printer tab on repetier and it started printing, however the filiment doesn't stick to the bed. it seems to be drying to fast, or the nozzle is to close to the bed. i calibrated the bed, and put glue on the bed, but I just cant get the filiment to stick to the bed.

Can you helpe me please.

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