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Simply3D Causing the Duo to reboot
Started to use Simply3D software to drive my Duo. The output definitely better than the standard XYZ software (model break easily at transition places). With the Simply3D software, the model created is solid and no weak spot. The problem comes when the Simply3D doing the upload to the Duo. The Duo could reboot anytime and discard all the data uploaded. No sure what the cause is, may be someone in the forum has seen the same problem and know why.

My temp fix is to reboot my Macbook and it will successfully upload the data file to the Duo and start to print. Good if I know what the root cause is so I can change my config to avoid it.
I know this is an old topic but I think this is a Mac-specific USB issue.

I have the exact same thing when sending large prints to my Duo from S3d. It just stops and says communication lost. There are some FAQs about this on S3d's website I think.

Try removing any and all other USB devices and don't use a hub. If that doesn't work, try slowing down the baud rate. I was using a hub and when I stopped so did the issue.


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