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Filament not loading, filament comes out bottom.
I got my printer used.The only thing printed on it was the star vase, about an hour of time. When I tried it I printed the keychain, printed great. Then I printed about 5 more prints then the updated popped up, I updated it. The next print wssj a mess abs curked up around the nozzle and clogged. cleaned nozzle cleaned rollers. but when I but the nozzle half back together and fed the filament sounds like it comes out the nozzle then starts coming out the bottom. I can take it apart then hit load with a some force push the filament through the nozzle half. I was wondering if the nozzle is heating right or when I do push it through it still curls up. Is this a software issue or a ptoblem with the extruder assembly?

thank you for any help

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