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Any way to reset the LCD's filament counter?
Hey guys,

Back in August or so I switched the custom firmware, and everything seems to still be working fine. But I recently bought a new spool of filament and I was wondering:

How do I reset the printer's filament counter? If you scroll up from the main menu it tells me how much filament has been printed, but I would like to reset that so I can accurately tell how much filament I have left on each spool.

Thanks Smile
edit EEPROM in repetier host
there is a line with Filament printed [m] and the current length - just set 0
AH! sweet, thanks Smile

Out of curiosity, if I set a negative value for how much the spool contains could it count down to say how much I have left? Or could that break something?
No Idea - did not try -sorry

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