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Da Vinci Y-axis rods
Came up with this modification to eliminate the "E" clips completely for the Y-axis. The shafts cannot move now.
I machined some simple plastic caps and threaded the steel rods on each end. The rods fit normally but are positioned slightly closer to the filament cartridge area. So if you still use filament cartridges this modification won't work. I does however work with the factory front plastic cover.
To get the rear plastic cap to work with the filament cartridge the plastic cap could be substituted for a flat washer which would move it farther away from the cartridge but the front of the rod would require a deeper cap and interfere with the front machine cover.
So, its not for everybody but if you don't use the cartridges anymore this is an easy mod to eliminate movement from two of the shafts, which is better than nothing.

[Image: DSC03035.jpg][Image: DSC03039.jpg][Image: DSC03041.jpg][Image: DSC03044.jpg][Image: DSC03045.jpg][Image: DSC03049.jpg][Image: DSC03053.jpg]
I guess I should say the plastic caps are bored to 8mm x 4mm deep to just cover the stick-out of each shaft from the sheet metal frame.
Do you happen to have the dimensions of the Y axis rods handy?
The ends of my shafts came from the factory with some kind of glue on them. Grabbing and trying to move them they seem solid. Does anyone know what the factory might have used? Might be a easier fix for a part that only needs to be removed for upgrades.

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