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E3D v6 and Ninja Flex
I'm running E3D v6 with an Airtripper on Andy's carriage. I'm really happy with the results when printing ABS.

I recently received a roll of Ninjaflex, and I'm having a hard time dialing it in. There seems to be quite a bit of resistance, and only a little bit of ooze here and there.

When I pull the ninja flex out out of the hot end and run ABS through, it works completely fine. I also tried using a short strand of ABS to go in and back out any potential clogs in the nozzle. This didn't help.

I'm fairly certain the hot end is hot enough to allow the ninjaflex to melt.

The following would be appreciated:

1) Some debugging ideas


2) What has worked for you when printing flexibles like ninjaflex (even if it doesn't obviously solve my problem)


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