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So I Installed a Smoothieboard and Hexagon Hotend
I blew up my main board during the install of a hexagon hotend. I'm still not certain how I blew it up, but I believe I may have shorted the thermistor on the hot end. If you are curious, I have another thread where I was troubleshooting:

I promptly ordered a smoothieboard. I have heard a lot of good things and I want a future-proof board that has a 32 bit micro on it running the show. 8 bit is old and limited and is going away quickly.

The install was very straight forward. I connectorized one connector at a time and labeled all wires as I pulled them off the davinci mainboard. I was unable to get the stock opto switches to work so I ordered some generic reprap style mechanical micro switch end stops from amazon. I super glued them into place and they work great. I could not get the stock bed thermistor to read correctly, I believe it is a 300k thermistor but it was easier to replace it with a 100k that I had laying around.

I got everything powered on and configured. Motion was working well and very smooth. I was starting my first calibration part and during the heat ramp, BANG SPARK SPARK SPARK. The stock power supply violently died scaring the crap out of me. Quickly unplugged everything, inspected the smoothieboard and all was well. Ordered a new 12V PSU from amazon and just hooked it all up and am running parts again!

Check out the images here:

I will release the part files for the X carriage if there is interest. I designed it from scratch but I have some concerns about some features that I would like to work on before I release.

So far it is printing nicely without any tweaking! The part in the image album above was the very first print (ABS).
Hope you upgraded the power supply. Sounds like you drew too much off the last one, and that's a good way to burn your house down.
Yes, I got a new power supply, the stock PSU is thoroughly dead. The new bed and cartridge heater were only an additional 20W load compared to stock. I'm surprised the stock PSU was running that close to the maximum rating. I have a 360W 12V PSU now and havent had any issues.
Did you play a little bit with it until now? Is it worth the price or just a nice spare part for blown up boards?
The smoothieboard or the hexagon hotend? I'll just answer both Tongue

So far the smoothieboard is excellent. I am very pleased with it. It came with nice terminal blocks and crimp pin connectors so wiring was easy. Configuration is dead simple and the board seems to be very flexible. Their setup guides were well documented. Also from a code standpoint, their software architecture is nice and seems very easy to write additional modules for added functionality if you so desired. I have some ideas I want to eventually play with, probably not on the davinci but on a custom build printer, but so far the plan is to use a smoothieboard. I'm definitely liking it.

The hexagon hotend so far is pretty nice. The extrusion lines are very clean and consistent and parts are looking great. I still have tuning to do but so far I am pleased with it.
I was interested in the smoothieboard. Is it such a huge improvement that you would say, that it brings the da vinci to another level? My intention is not to replace the board just to hope for a better quality but getting disappointed because the da vinci is simply not good enough for such a sophisticated piece of hardware.

Edit: I'm installing a e3d hotent that should be enough for the next time
Honestly, I wouldnt buy it to replace a working main board. If you blow up your board, go for it. But it doesnt offer many improvements over the main board specifically for the da vinci. If you had a sweet custom build printer that has way more capability than the da vinci, I would buy the smoothieboard to run it for sure. But I just dont see much benefit to justify the smoothiboard apart from blowing up your stock main board. The da vinci has too many limitations to be able to take advantage of the speed of the smoothieboard motion capabilities.

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