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help someone please please
so i purchased this printer brand new and after two successful prints it stopped working.
I thought i would clean it after the second print and went to the clean nozzle service.
then i get an error 0011.
So i look up the error fix, which i shouldn't have done and change the connection on the device.
Start her up and guess what???? I doesn't work.
So I start getting an error 0014 i again do something i shouldn't have and change the thermistor.
Now the error keeps coming.
The only way the extruder heat cartridge will work is if i put the wires direct to gnd and 12v and boo ya it fires up
When it reaches max temp of 275c the printer shuts down and the error comes back on 0014
From what it seems the motherboard where the extruder heat cartridge connection goes isn't working.
Now what the heck can i do to get this sorted??
I don't want to go through the process of getting this thing sorted through the store because they keep telling me i have to deal with their agent who is a reseller in Australia.
They won't give me an exchange or refund which is another issue altogether now.
So can someone please help me fix this thing and let me know if it will be an expensive exercise.
At this point in time when i turn on the printer there are three red lights that turn on near the cylinder looking things near the extruder connection on the motherboard.
I sing with Michael Jackson : you are not alone ......

Ive exact the same problem , i be shure never never never i buy a xyz da Vinci again, he is dead after 136 Hours " Lifetime "........ Ashes to Ashes
Voltage comes out from the bord, but this Extruder doesnt heat , what now ?Thermistor is OK , Heater also ( i tried this on 12 v Battery )
On display appears 17 -20 C , but Nozzle is cold .
Its my idea : let him explode on youtube !!
The german service tell me by mail :
my printer go fail by clean the Nozzle with the brass brush whats included in the set , this make a shortcut !°!!!!!!!!!!
Whats the hell ist this !? I tell you : This is a art of moneyprinting !!

And i say it to all :
Keep your fingers off from this Bull****
No Parts avalaible (here in germany )
No Warranty ( The errors are always YOU )
No Livetime ,
I read this forum and i see : im not alone
We must write a resolution to xyz , all together !

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