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Da Vinci mk8 extruder
I bought a chineese mk8 extruder from ebay. It ended up being real easy to install on the Da Vinci.

First disassemble the Da Vinci carriage. Then disassemble the mk8 extruder. Remove the Da Vinci drive gear and replace with the mk8. Then put the motor in place and assemble the mk8 extruder on the Da Vinci carriage. Use Da Vinci fan if it isn't being used for layer cooling.

For the wiring I have quick connects from a previous heater plug failure. The Da Vinci heater cartridge could be swapped into the mk8 extruder. The temp sensor plug fits into the Da Vinci board plug.

[Image: WP_20150313_002.jpg][Image: WP_20150313_003.jpg][Image: WP_20150313_004.jpg]
The connector with 4 wires goes to the motor. The connector with 6 wires goes to the extruder board. Mine had blue markings on opposite plugs. If plugged in wrong it gives def error or constantly reboots.
[Image: WP_20150313_005.jpg]
In repetier firmware the extruder motor needs to be inverted.

My Da Vinci nozzle extruded at over .05mm. The mk8 is .04mm. I'm printing at the same temperature. It seems like it heats up faster.
The insulation on the hot end block probably helps it heat faster.
Curious why you didn't just re-use the stepper that came with the printer?
I used the mk8 drive gear on the Da Vinci stepper. That way I didn't have to rewire.
I'm trying to switch extruders at the moment to a mk8 from the davinci stock. Everything makes sense except the heating wires and the thermistor wire. I'm not sure which one to use, should I use the stock thermistor and heating cables? How do I connect them and or remove them. The davinci thermistor seems like it's stuck.
The plug for my Da Vinci heater failed before, so cut out the plug and was using quick connects. I used the mk8 heater and will solder on a new plug later. Several have had the plug fail so it would be a good time to replace it. If you want a quick swap take out the mk8 heater and reuse the Da Vinci.

I used the mk8 thermistor. It looks like more work to swap and probably isn't worth swapping. It is a different style 2 prong plug but it does fit into the plug on the board. If it doesn't want to go in turn it upside down. It seems like a snug fit and after a few prints with the board ziptied to the stepper motor it hasn't moved. I'm planning on relocating the board off the extruder so the plug should be fine.
[Image: WP_20150319_004.jpg]
I got the thermistor hooked up but I'm clueless on setting up the heating cord. You said you used quick connects? Is that like a quick way to connect wires? I.E quick connect mk8 heater wire to davinci heating wire?
Hi !
Please tell me , how you level the print bed without da vinci nozzle ?
Thank you for your answer

The automatic leveling sucks, stop using it.

Manual leveling, using either a feeler gauge or a piece of paper, is the way to go.
I only manual level the bed.

Maybe the location that the extruder does the the probe could be changed. When the probe touches the metal corners it completes a circuit. It should work the same if the tip of the extruder touches the corners. The tip would have to be cleaned so no plastic interferes with the circuit.
The quick connects I used are actually called lever nuts. The ones I used are Wago 222-413, but Wago 222-412 are for 2 wire.

Some have used twist wire nuts. Others solder the wires.[Image: WP_20150320_004.jpg]
Thanks! I will need two of these since there are two heating wires. One last question. I'm am using the davinci stock fan and I was wondering if I can use the mk8 stepper motor since the plug from the davinci stepper motor fits it.
I reused the Da Vinci stepper motor because my mk8 motor had wires coming out of it that led to a different style plug. If your mk8 motor has the same plug as the Da Vinci it should work.
Hey Chris,

Did you pull the davinci gear out or did you cut it off?
I used a crescent wrench around the shaft and hit the shaft with a punch. I was trying to save the gear but it ended up getting deformed. It would be faster to slice it with a dremel. The mk8 shaft has a flat spot for the set screw. I left the Da Vinci shaft round and tightened the set screw.
Uh, I've been reading a bit in the last few days about ways to pull the gear off the shaft (cause I just did that with mine) and some people claim that any method that involves hitting the shaft with something (hammer, punch or whatever) has the risk of messing up the stepper's internals because of the vibrations generated. So I'd be careful with that and consider the alternative ways that do not involve hitting the shaft... just my 2 cts.

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