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Extruder Twitches when crossing mid bed
My extruder twitches when moving only across the middle of bed. It happens during printing which limits my prints to the back half of the bed. It also happens when I do a extruder cleaning. Here is a video of what I am seeing.

Anyone know how to fix this?
In the video it sounds like the chatter is coming from the right hand side. Is the belt missing any teeth or are any teeth damaged? Can you take a video of the right hand carriage when it's chattering?

There have also been some issues with the white idler wheel in the left hand carriage. Keith has a thread about it. Maybe try to get both sides on video? Might help diagnose.
try to move the extruder manually in same position when stepper are disabled to see if you feel some resistance also - the axis could be deformed in this area
I've tried to move the extruder manually with the controls and it does not make that sound. I've moved it by hand and I don't sense any binding or resistance.

Here is another video with the X-Axis motor. I will take more video in a little bit.
Another video.
seems it happen in very specific point not before not after
did you try to power off your printer immediately when issue is starting ? so you get the right spot and move manually a little, X and Y very gently and slowly ? as movement speed must be low slow - high speed like jog may hide the problem
Found the issue!! I was probing around looking for the issue and remembered that I had to resolder some wires back together for the X-Axis optical sensor. Since I fixed that issue I never thought to check the wires again.

Turns out another wire from the x-axis optical sensor was binding. The wire did not appear bad but I moved it a little at a different extruder position that it usually had the issue and I was able to duplicate the issue.

I just cut the wire, resoldered it, and shrink wrapped it.

I think I may consider creating the wire chain in the future to prevent the issue.

Thanks all for the help!

Video right after the fix and sweet victory!

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