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Blobs of plastic form when printing over low density infill
[Image: ChnZljy.jpg]
I'm printing with Hatchbox ABS filament, 230C / 90C on DaVinci 1.0 with Luc's Repetier firmware, slic3r 1.1.7. I've set the infill to 10% honeycomb, so there are quite large gaps between the infill edges. When the printer gets to printing a horizontal shell over the infill, large-ish blobs of filament start forming around the edges, as seen in the picture.
I can't really catch it that well in action, but I think the shell filament gets peeled away before it can stick to the infill layer below. I have retraction enabled - 4mm at 40mm/sec. If it matters, I'm printing at 50mm/sec, bridges at 60mm/sec and gaps at 20mm/sec.
Is honeycomb infill pattern to blame? Should I use a different infill pattern - which one would work better for me? Thanks everyone!

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