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Whats the point of switching hot ends/Firmware downgrade
I was thinking about modding my hot end to the E3D V6 but is it worth it if I only want to print ABS? I am not a fan of PLA because it is a pain to remove supports. Does replacing a hot end with a better one make print quality significantly better?

I want to downgrade my firmware so I can use different software instead of xyz ware. My firmware unfortunately is the latest version to date. Can I still downgrade easily?
You will see a quality benefit from the e3d in ABS. However, there are usually other hardware mods and ,as youve mentioned, firmware modifications that typically go along with that endeavor. I used to have problems with PLA and supports as well, but using Simplify3d as the slicer solved that. There is quite a bit you can do to upgrade this machine, to the envy of my friends that scoffed at my DaVinci purchase, and now my machine outprints their high end models. Wink

Would help if you would detail exactly what problem/issue you are trying to solve for.
Im not up to speed on flashing repetier firmware on new machines/firmware, but Im sure you'll find that detail in the custom firmware section.
Its a little overwhelming for a beginner, and it seems quite a few ppl try their first flash with a really old version. To help in that endeavor, Id suggest Luc's .92, also located in the custom firmware section.
haha your right about being overwhelming but it's fun to figure out. My goal is to limit the layer lines in the prints. I am using the stock xyzware which is VERY limited. The supports leave ugly lines and are a pain to remove. I also want to reduce the machine noise. I modified my printer to eliminate wobble in most of the z axis and glass bed.

I also tried out meshmixer and it preps your .STL for printing but I don't like the supports it provides as they are cones and they overlap quite a bit wasting print material and time.
Based on that you might be better served by upgrading your slicer to simplify 3d versus a new hotend. Gives you tons of control and you can define your own supports. I was a bit hesitant to drop that amount of money on a slicer since there were so many free options, first print off the bed quickly alleviated any buyers remorse.
Do I need to downgrade to be able to send a Gcode to my flash card? I have the latest firmware. I am not even sure if I can downgrade with the latest firmware.
You don't need to downgrade to send a file to the SD card, you just need access to it.
The easiest way is to fit an SD card extension cable or replace the card with a wireless card such as Toshiba Flashair.
Regarding Meshmixer, you can edit the supports manually -
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 


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