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No need to change hotends, 1.0 can print PLA. But....
if you "desire" to print PLA
but you do not want to change anything
here is an easy way~~~

XYZ say Da Vinci 1.0 need to change the extruder(or hotends)
then can print PLA
it's seems no need~~~~
Da Vinci 1.0 can print PLA directly
[size=CMS2CMS_EXTRA_LARGE]but you must buy XYZ PLA filaments[/size]
sadly, XYZ PLA filaments only 2 colors......(nature & yellow)
look the pictures step by step
and you can print PLA easily Smile Smile
[size=CMS2CMS_EXTRA_LARGE](FW is 1.1.G)[/size]
(do not connect to the internet)

P.S. if you buy XYZ PLA filaments and can not not kill me please~~~ :lol:[Image: IMAG2636sss.jpg][Image: IMAG2640sss.jpg][Image: 2222.jpg][Image: IMAG2658.jpg][Image: IMAG2659.jpg]
From the photo's it looks like the PLA is printed a little hot, from the globs and inconsistent layer detail. Is the machine printing a special xyz PLA @ ABS temps? Your adruino sketch shows 195 which I would expect to look alot better with typical PLA.
Not trying to downplay what youve posted, just trying to understand how this solves heatbreak heat creep and extruder gear kickback. Have you also tried PLA from other manufacturers that failed on your current setup?
[strike]195[/strike] 190 and 45 is XYZ post on the website
so I just do it.
to RESET is make 1.0 recognize the cartridge
if you don't do this 1.0 can't print XYZ PLA

Very strange, ONLY XYZ PLA filament can
(maybe they put some MAGIC matrerial) Huh
I try another PLA
like you said it will heatbreak heat creep and extruder gear kickback
but MAGIC XYZ will not!!!!
I don't know why.....
(maybe I have to do more test~~~)
(these 2 robots are made by XYZ PLA)

I have another thinking
MAYBE 1.0AIO can only use XYZ PLA
XYZ use this way to control user
MAYBE 1.0AIO use another PLA
will heatbreak heat creep and extruder gear kickback
I just guess
I don't have 1.0AIO~~~[Image: 55555.jpg]
maybe I can take more video~~
So now we have 2 threads, polar opposites, but the same..... Great. GG
I think there are 2 different ways for different people
if you do not want to change anything,
but for some reasons
you want to print PLA
you might try XYZ PLA

but, if you are a MAKER
maybe you can try to change the hotends~~
Hi Alex
Yes, we have 2 threads, polar opposites,
and the same..... Great.
NO GG~~~~~ :cheer: :cheer:
the left is E3D with other PLA
the right is XYZ with XYZ PLA
As original Prusa user.
I believed you have wrong Direction for PLA, it's NOT only about temperature.
Please google PLA, for this material's characteristic.
It will eventually have your nozzle jammed.
ABS Temperature:
Firs Layer: 230 nozzle, 90 bed
Other: 210-220, 80 bed
PLA depend on the material:
First Layer: 180 nozzle, 70 bed
Other 180 nozzle, 60 bed

I also not recommend you to mod your Da Vinci, because it's basically a cost down system.
>very bad screws
>1.0A and 0.9A motors
>200W ONLY Power Supply.
>Plastic belt bearing.
>Thin Plastic Y axis bearing.
>Unstable Z axis.
>Browden style nozzle.
>ABS only nozzle, without PTFE.
PTFE needs to be easy to access for changing.
And a lot more..
Of course, you can mod all of them like I did.
But Expect to run into so many stupid problems, mostly are the result of their "Cost Down".
thank you for your sharing
Da vinci for me to use is enough
I just print some toys to my kid.

The temperture of PLA
I only copy from XYZ website~
maybe I can show you more "carzy" temperture
the pic shows other PLA need 210~230!!!!! :S :pinch:[Image: 11111.jpg]

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