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Printer Mismatch
I just recently started using my newly acquired DaVinci 1.0A. I noticed how limited the XYZware software is so I am wanting to try the MOD. I installed everything and it all seems to work OK except when I try to print. I get a message saying Printer Mismatch. Am I missing something? Thanks.
In the configuration.h file, you need to change the line that says: #define MODEL 0 to #define MODEL 1 for it to recognize as a 1.0A.
configuration.h is for Custom FW not XYZ open Mod
I have the same issue with my 1.0 AiO. Really hope someone can figure out what to change, because all else seems to be working, but just that final step...
You are correct. configuration.h is not even available for me. I hope someone has a solution. Thanks All

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