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factory firmware for Duo 2.0
Attempting to upgrade my firmware to repetier but have run into some issues, hope that i can return to the factory firmware.

Will be searching this site for the needed firmware and instructions, but thought maybe that someone might be able to reply with what I need before I can find it Smile

replying to my own post, which will hopefully help others.

followed the video at < > which appears to be for the 1.0, but does work for the 2.0 also, with a minor addition. You will need to power cycle the printer after flashing it (after changing the baud rate to 1200, that might have been in the video and I missed it Smile

the firmware for the 2.0 is at < >

Now attempting a sample and then my own prints (need to get some work done! Smile Hopefully all goes well until I can work out my issues with repetier host Smile

I may have missed something, but does this work with the Duo 2.0A? or am I out of luck and better off just upgrading with stock firmwares for this particular model

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