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1.0 AiO G-Code Header?
Hi to all AiO owners!

I'm having some unsolvable issues with my AiO in regards to printing with the Great OpenXYZ program, mainly because I get the "Printer Mismatch" error...
I've setup everything else great, but the last part, where I send the gcode (3w) to the printer is a brick wall.

So, my main question (and I really can't seem to find an answer anywhere on the net) is does someone know what is the 1.0 AiO model abbreviation, which should be put at the header of the G-code? It seems the standard way the OpenXYZ works, putting "printer model:F10" does not apply to the AiO, but I honestly have no idea what to write there (trust me, I've tried a lot of combinations...)

Any help would be deeply appreciated!
Kindly thank you in advance!
I'm at work now so i'm not 100% sure until i'll get home and check, but i remember that AiO uses the same header as 1.0. I think that there might be issues due to fw version and XYZware version, which are the ones you are using? I use simplify3d 2.1.0 as slicer, generate gcode, replace comments with standard header used for Da vinci 1.0, encode everything in base64 and send it to the printer through XYZWare. No issues at all. My firmware is 1.1.1.
Sorry just noticed that you're using OpenXYZ and not the standard one. Can't help you there cause i have your same problems with OpenMod, guess there are software issues that need to be solved/adapted to 1.0 AiO users.

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