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Stock extruder fan turns off when print starts.
Printer: DaVinci 1.0a
Firmware: Repetier 0.92
Print Via: OctoPi on Raspberry PI 2
Slicer: Cura

Here is my situation. I searched for an hour trying to find a solution before posting....

I have a 1.0a Da Vinci. I have a recent version of Repetier 0.92 firmware. Printing is done via Octoprint, previously installed on an PI B with xbian, now on a PI 2 with OctoPi.

Problem: When the extruder is heating up the stock fan turns on. A few seconds after it starts to actually print, the fan turns off and as far as I can tell never turns on again, until I cancel the print, or it finishes.

Via Octoprint terminal M106 and M107 are not recognized, and I pretty dang sure that I did not enable control of the stock fan via gcode. The 2 things that have changed from the time that I was getting successful prints, including > 12 hour PLA prints, are the upgrade to a PI 2 and the switch to Octopi.

A few days ago I could print ABS and PLA successfully, but recently I've noticed issues and then I noticed the fan turning off when the print starts.

I have tried grabbing some gcode from a few weeks ago that worked fine, I've updated by start/end gcode per suggestions in the forums. I just can't figure out why it now thinks the fan should turn off when printing starts. I find it hard to believe that the new PI + octopi change would do this, but that's about all that's changed recently.
I'm confused now. I put everything back the way it was and the fan still turns off during a print. Am I missing something? I thought the extruder fan came on and stayed on above a certain temperature.
yes if no repurpose Fan is used.
1- fan start when start heating
2 - if heating is off, fan stop when temperature is under 50 degres, over 50 degres is always on
Ok. I just wanted to make sure. That's how I recall it working.

I put the old raspberry pi back in place, so everything is back to what I had before when it was working properly. The fan still turns off shortly after printing starts. I find it hard to believe it's a hardware issue, but I am at a loss for an explanation at this point.
Did you changed the FW between period it was working and now ?

An easy test to do is to go to printer and change extruder temperature
1 - check fan start when start heating
2 - check fan is still running when temperature is reached and during few minutes
Ah HA. So I manually turned on the extruder, the fan kicks on, I manually move the extruder toward the front of the printer and bingo, the fan turns off. I move it back by half an inch, fan turns on, forward, off, backward on.

So it appears I have a wiring issue somewhere. After removing the wire management tubing the fan no longer comes on at all. Next step, dig out the multimeter and find the culprit.
Good catch :cheer:
Became a member just to say


Been going crazy doing M106 M107 searches, config changes etc etc

Found this after an hour of hair tearing......

Broken cable somewhere.... not a freaking setting

Still have to find where but you saved my day! Smile

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