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How to reverse the direction of the stepper motor?
I need some help, im in the middle of changing the hot end and extruder but the new bowden one i printed is going backwards :oops: how do i reverse the direction of the stepper motor?
if custom FW : there is a parameter in configuration.h
// set to false/true for normal / inverse direction
#define EXT0_INVERSE false

if stock FW : inverse the wires of extruder should inverse direction
I swapped the wires so I wouldn't need to mess with the firmware. You can notch the plastic connector slightly to allow it to plug in facing either direction. This allows you to easily go back if needed.

As my new extruder is "backwards" to, i got the same problem.

Can I inverse the extruder in EEprom?
Wich wires to swap?
Easiest is you trim the ears off the connector so it will plug in backwards.

Or, edit the config and reflash. Then remember to edit at every upgrade.

Thank you, works perfect.

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