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Resistor Values
Hi all, I'm trying to fix an extruder heater problem, and I think one of the resistors on the main board went bad. I think R217 on the bottom left corner of the board on the 1.0a. I have 12 volts going in and nothing coming out. I have no voltage going to the main board, so i assume that one of the resistors is bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
anyone, anyone? I just need the values, I can't fix the printer until I know what the values are.
What are the makings on the part? If they are burned off there should be some pictures of the board floating around here on the forum.

below it say J4, I assume that this means that it is supposed to be a 0 ohm resistor, but I just wanted to double check. Thanks
I had the same problem. Thanks to this message board. I followed the fixed posted by Peter L. The fix is to use a correct wattage fuse to protect a 40W heater. The design uses a zero Ohm 1/4W resistor as a fuse. It blows and cause an open circuit. To repair this, I shorted the resistor and add an external inline fuse (4A for 12V, 48W). A much better approach than using a zero Ohm resistor when you dont know when it will blow (1/4W rating).

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