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Smoothieboard, E3D V6 and bowden extruder upgrade.
Just completed installation of Smoothieboard and bowden extruder/hotend, made first print and it is better than I thought it would be. I have three things left to implement:

1. Led light bar
2. Viki version 1 LCD
3. Endstops ( right now running old school without homing switches)

I used the stock X carriage and modified it to fit the E3D hotend. I had to print a clamp for the hotend and this is bolted to X carriage
I will post pictures and video after I am totally done
This is my second machine, Seemecnc max2, to transfer over to smoothie platform and I completely recommend it. Install one USB driver. You use a .txt file to make configuration changes, upload to SD card and cycle power, done. FW is a .bin, place on SD and cycle power, done. It takes 1/10 the effort and 1/100 the frustration of Arduino Due. Smoothieboards and the variants are the future of 3D printing motion control.
I am adding my config.txt file for anyone wanting to use or just checkout how great the module system is.

PM me if you would like to buy a JP1 board for DaVinci 1.0.
I want that JP1 board. I am just up the way from you in Platteville WI, so I could pick it up when I come through Rockford next. Let me know Idk where the PM function is on this board...

Edit: Apparently they removed the PM system... Anyway you can email me at neua(at)uwplatt(dot)edu

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