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Made some hardened X axis shafts
Four new sets available on EBay

Made new shafts for the extruder on my Davinci 1. The material is 1055 steel with a case hardness of C-59-C65. Dimension as received, 8mm diameter and 400mm long.
I had to remove 9.38mm from each shaft to match the Davinci shafts.
To drill and tap the ends I first annealed about 15mm on each shaft end.
The holes were center drilled, drilled at 2.5mm to 12mm deep and tapped to 3mmx.5
The flats were milled 12mm long and to a shaft thickness of 7mm
The Davinci shaft is on top

The wear on the Davinci shaft after installing linear ball bearings
[Image: DSC02990.jpg][Image: DSC02993.jpg][Image: DSC02995.jpg]
Are these shafts for the X axis?
Yes they are.
If you sell them on eBay let me know, could use a couple. Smile
Yeah, I'd be interested aswell
That's an excellent idea. I will try to put together five sets and see if they sell. Each rod is 13.00 my cost not including labor. If anyone knows where I can get the same material for less please let me know. I will post when I get them on eBay.
Got the shaft material today, should have them ready by tomorrow. I will post a link when they are ready.
Are you thinking about doing the y-axis as well?
I suppose if there is any demand for them I could make up a few sets. Not sure what machine work is involved but I know they would be more complicated than the X axis.
I would be interested. I'm planning to swap out all the bushings for linear bearings
The material I can find for the Y axis shafts is quite expensive. They are not chrome plated which would make them cheaper but wouldn't hold up as long as the 1055 steel.
My cost on 1055 steel at 600mm long (the closest I can get to 457mm) is 20.00 per shaft plus shipping. They would end up being about 60.00 per shaft with machine work plus shipping.
It's all 8mm diameter, right? Maybe it's a silly question, but if you're making a few sets... could you save money by getting a longer rod to cut a couple from?
The longest I can get is 1200mm. This rod is precision ground to 8mm so I am assuming this is why I cant get it any longer. 1200mm is exactly the same price as two 600mm rods. I am staying away from the cheaper chrome plated rods. I have seen them used in hydraulic cylinders and the plating comes off eventually. EBay is full of the chrome plated rods and they aren't that much cheaper unless you get them from China.
I have 4 sets of X axis rods just about done. My lathe started giving me fits so I will have to spend some time tomorrow to see what is going on.
what bearings are you using
I am using some cheap linear LM8UU bearings until my good ones get here. I paid some money for good bearings (18.00 ea) so I hope they will last a while.
I listed two sets for sale on EBay

EBay Rods
Are these shafts replacements to the stock davinci shafts? Is it a bad idea to use the copper bushings with your metal shafts?
These hardened shafts are necessary if you are replacing the bronze bushings with LM8UU linear bearings. The LM8UU bearings will gouge the original davinci shafts because the original shafts are unhardened.
They are a direct replacement for the X axis and should work fine with the bronze bushings.
Did not get a chance to buy before you shut it down on eBay.

I also see I live a couple of miles from you. lol
If you want to save the shipping I can meet you somewhere if you like.

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