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Modified teflon insulated pipe to use stock hot end / PLA
So, since I have the hot end dissasmbled on the Davinci 1.0, is there a way to replace the stock "neck" pipe with a Teflon insulated one so I can use PLA and avoid the heat creep issue ?

This is the first time Ive seen that question posed, but I cant think of a reason why it wouldnt work. Try it and let us know! Would be a big victory for those that are adamant against replacing the extruder.

I did just think of something as I was about to hit submit. Isnt the top of the heatbreak tapered inwards, lessening the diameter you could fit tubing through?
As far as I can tell the diameter of the tube is just enough for the filament, so I don't see how you could fit a teflon tube... unless you drill it? B)
I might have a solution for the heat creep.

Part 1 is this -
Part 2 is still in testing, I'll report back in a couple days. But its cheap and fairly easy if it works out...

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