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Firmware Upgrade Issue (OS X 10.10.2)
I have done everything from, read possibly every firmware thread on this forum plus others that have popped up in google, and also watched multiple youtube videos on how to get this done, but there's really nothing out there with Macs (running 10.10.2). I have gotten to pretty much the end where I upload it to the usb port, but it isn't showing up as USB. I have 4 options that do show and they're all .bluetooth. I've also been on multiple arduino threads telling me I need to download and install this and that so my USB will will show up but none of that has worked either. Just curious if anyone else has run into this problem and how did you get past. Tempted to downgrade from yosemite to see if that will help, or possibly buying the cheapest windows computer I can find.

Thanks ahead for any help
I just upgraded to 10.10.2 and printer is seen has usb modem 2411 (Arduino Due Native Port) so it is not OS Version problem
if you unplug printer and check how many ports are displayed in arduino IDE then plug printer and recheck how many ports are displayed in arduino IDE the one for the printer should apear even it says it is usb modem

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