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Da Vinci AiO 1.1.3 and cartridges refill
Hello everyone i am new in the 3D printing and over excited already Smile

Well after a long search i learned that the Da Vinci printers are excellent hardware for its money but it has limitations and handicaps in the software and cartridge division.I see that its early to have a working custom firmware for this machine but it should be awesome if you could help ppl like me have a fully working alternative.

So i decided to give it a try and got an AiO about 2 weeks now.The slicer program is terrible but i found out that if you make simple things its working great.With more complicated pieces you might have to slice the objects in two halfs and the prints are really great.

The scanner that everyone is blaming is great if you pick the right objects Big Grin yes you cant scan everything unfortunately but its a great feature to have.

It should be great to use third party slicer.Is there a project open or anything to this direction ? i will be more than happy to help you with details or whatever you might need to unlock this promising printer as well.

To the cartridges issue now.I have read that with the frimware 1.1.3 and the 1.33 xyzware (blocked with firewall) epprom reset tools like XYZ PRO are working great in the AiO.In fact i am waiting a thing like that and i will have more details when i get it.

If anyone buys a new AiO with 1.1.1 firmware please do not upgrade Smile give as the firmwareeeeeeeeeeeeeee

What do you think mates ? is there hope for the AiO ?

Thanks in advance
Hi everyone
I just update my machine fireware to 1.1.3 and use software
and always pop software need update
how to spam pop update news
832Try block the application on your firewall Big Grin
Hi Guys,
I've actually got a AiO with 1.1.1. firmware and (of course) am super happy with it (using slic3r, not XYZ-Ware - that sucks...). I see a lot of demand for the 1.1.1 firmware, so is there a way to copy mine somehow and upload it for everybody?
Can you upload it somewhere ? i am no expert on this but i think what is needed is the SD card files.I want to downgrade my own so i can have a more flexible machine.

Send me a pm anytime mate and thanks

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