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How to set Z offset with E3D V6 extruder
forgive my poor english
I changed XYZ extruder to E3D V6 extruder
but it gets longer(more than 3cm)
so It hits the bed
Does anyone know how to reset the Z offset
thanks a lot

P.S I use command "M212 X0 Y0 Z0" it's useless...[Image: IMAG2639.jpg]
thanks a lot
but if I use that to print
after print
the bed going down automatically
it will hits the Z axis motor Sad Sad
if you do not use custom FW you must keep same position for nozzle as stock FW is not really flexible
this guy did a design in spirit of keeping stock FW you may have a look
If that's your only problem (I'd think that printing it with the E3D would be your actual problem) then what prevents you from just turning off the printer when the print finishes?

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