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Printing/clicking issues with Dav 1.0
One of my printers is having terrible issues that I hope someone can help with. When printing at a temp of 220-235C the extruder is clicking. Adjustments are correct. Same filament in a 2.0 works fine.

Upping the temp to 245-250 fixes the issue, but then the plastic is too hot and horizontal surfaces on top of supports are bubbly. I cleaned the extruder inside and out and the channel seems clean. I cleaned the gears and they seem fine although I am thinking they may get worn.

I did not take the extruder hot end apart out of the printer to check yet. I am thinking to replace it with another 1.0 I have and see if the problem follows the hot end.

The temp reported by Simplify3D is 250C so it is not a connector issue (soldered anyway). The funny thing is that when it clicks if I manually pause it, press the lever to disengage the gears and manually push the filament it has a lot of resistance and the extruder filament does not go down but somewhat curly as if there is something inside the nozzle that may partially block it.

Could there be crap in there from poor quality filament floating around that intermittently would partially block the nozzle creating this problem ? How would one clean that ?
Do you start getting extruder gear kickback right away, like on your first layer? With stock davinci and ABS, all my kickback was caused from having the bed too close to the nozzle. If you start clicking right out of the gate, this would be your issue as you didnt have enough time for heat creep.
A quick way to tell if this is what youre up against, aside from first layer clicking, is to slightly put downward pressure on the front of the bed while the gear is kicking back. If the clicks immediately go away and come back shortly after you take your hand off the bed, youre nozzle is too close to the bed and the nozzle is building up back pressure.

If youre not on stock, it could be some other things, like retraction.

If you manually extrude and the filament is coming out of the nozzle at an angle, not straight down, that does usually indicate a clog of some type.
Not immediately, it randomly happens during a print. When it happens, since I suspect it is a clog, I pause the print, move the head out of the way, disengage the gears by pulling on the lever on the left side, and push on the filament. It comes out of the nozzle with difficulty, if at all, and usually at an angle and has a tendency to curl up. If quickly remove the filament, curse, use the wire to clean the inside of the nozzle, then push the filament back in and it comes out easier, flowing straight down.
Then the problem starts again, sometimes quickly.
In desperation, I also used a thicker wire pushing from up trying to smash whatever might be blocking the extruder, but I believe the piece of impurity is too small. I also let the nozzle cool down a bit hoping that the wire would pull out whatever is blocking by being stuck to it.
That is why I am thinking to take the hot end completely out so I can shine a light inside and see whatever might be floating around. I wasted quite a bit of filament with failed print jobs so I need to really get to the root cause...
I cleaned the hell out of it, resoldered connections. same issue, a bit less frequent.

Lowered speed from 1800 to 1200 and works perfectly.
Glad you got it sorted. Makes sense now why increased temp worked, if you were pushing filament faster than the temp would allow.
I spoke too soon, the problem came back. It is not related to the height over the bed since when it starts clicking if i move the carriage in the rest position I cannot push the filament even by hand with the gears disengaged.

It is not heat related (as in head getting cold)

It is not the filament moving inside the enclosure. I can tell the tone between the clicks.

It got to the point now that if I hear any click (fucking birds breaking a twig) I get mad.

I will replace the head with another one from my spare Davinci 1.0 that has the oval circles problem. I believe that this extruder just is clogged by something I cannot extract that just floats around.

Is there another extruder that I could replace it with ? Maybe something better that can also do PLA ok ? Something like this: ""/>"

Found the tiny impurity ! Zoom in on the black speck.

So did that solve your problem? I was going to suggest that maybe the problem is with the drive gear, i.e. that it's not having a good grip on the filament. It could be that the gear is worn out, or that the idler wheel is not applying enough pressure. Just some more ideas.

And as for switching to a new hot-end, plenty of us have switched to the E3D v6 and it works wonders with PLA and other materials. There is a lot of info in the forum about this.
Yes, it did, I printed a few models with no problems. I cleaned the old one and will try it on the spare printer but will also get a new extruder to use on my PLA spools...

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