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schematics for da vinci 1.0.1
Hi I've recently had a problem with my extruder not heating up. I've been through all the forums and looked at how some resistors could have shorted with only two leds showing but I now have only one led lighting up and had my mother board looked at and found that r56 and r57 army showing any resistance so could someone help and top me if it s ment to be like that or no plus if it's not could you tell me what it's ment to be so I can replace them thanks a schematics would be helpfull also if anybody has one for the da Vinci 1.0.1 thanks
all resistors, by their very nature, should have a resistance when measured with a meter. If the resistors are open and there is no measurement it indicates it is bad.

please try doing a search, there are several threads here on the forum that show pictures of these boards and the resistors that typically fail.


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