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Lost +12v on left pin of hotend heater terminal on board.
So, I had heater decoupled when I woke up this morning to check on an overnight print and I had the classic heater decoupled problem. I replaced the crappy connector with some solder and heatshrink, but still have the same thing going on. Several hours, and LOTS of probing with a volt meter, I mis-diagnosed the problem as a break in the wire (turned out I had a bad probe on my VM). A few more hours, after upgrading heater wiring to 18ga stranded copper, I find that I have 10v at pin 1 instead of the 12v and no heat. I checked the right pin with heater on and I found that the mosfet is working, so I just re-routed the positive to the positive bed wire terminal. Now it is printing again, and heating MUCH faster than before, but I want to know what killed my 12v source for the heater. Anyone have this problem before?
some of the versions of PCB have a resistor fuse right near the heater connector on the pcb. maybe that fuse is open or damaged.


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