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Compatibility Issue with arduino 1.6.0
Hi seems arduino 1.6.0 bring some USB communication issues and may be more..., thanks Adam for isolation process.
I have open a tracker :, and did some check on arduino tracker, there is a known issue with preprocessor commands that bring several issues, a 1.6.1 version will come soon, in same time there is already a testing version for the ones who want to give a try.
So right now it is better to stay on 1.5.8 for Davinci FW

Edit: I confirm stability is not good even no USB connections, cannot handle more than 2h of heating and randomly watchdog reset and got some sensor defectec when just restart fix the problem - so do not use 1.6.0
Installed with 1.60, had the usb issue, uninstalled 1.6, reinstalled 1.58, same "usb unrecognized after flash. How do I update arduino files (variants.cpp and USBcore.cpp)?
I copied these from the 1.58 folders into .92 firmware and reflashed, same problem.
for variant.cpp and usbcore.cpp find their equivalent in c:\progam files\arduino\..... or c:\progam files (x86)\arduino\..... depending your configuration not in firmware
And what do I do with them?
OK, I was running .91, it worked. used it for 2 months. upgraded my hotend and went to change the thermistor to 8, I saw that .92 was out, I had updated Arduino to 1.60 a while ago and so I went to github and down loaded .92 zip and loaded it. Huge mistake. I need to print something for a customer ASAP. Please give me step by step instructions on how to repair this.
1. If I need to reinstall XYZ then I will but I have no idea how to do this
2. if I need to change or copy file tell me where to get them, how to change them, and where to put them

Can we create 2 threads
How to reinstall xyz Firmware and Software
How to fix 1.60 problem "USB device not recognized"
everything is there
I hope I can get it working, if I can't, I will shit can this stupid card and install my Smoothieboard or Rambo. I have upgraded 4 machines to various control cards and never had this happen.

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