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Davinci 1.0A Repetier - Printer won't Extrude while printing
Hey guys I bought my Davinci 1.0A with the purpose of hacking it for better print quality and less expensive filament. This isn't my first time tinkering but I'm pretty stumped. I successfully flashed my J37 Davinci 1.0A with Repetier 0.92. Everything works just fine except for one thing, my printer wont extrude while printing. I slice in slic3r, set the print and the extruder goes through the motions of printing but no filament is coming out. I am able to extrude manually with the Manual Control tab on the right in repetier but I can't seem to get it to extrude while actually mid print. Am I missing something? Please help.
what are the temperature displayed in repetier or in printer when start printing ?
I actually figured it out, my slic3r wasnt set up correctly. Thanks anyway.

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