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Selling Extra Da Vinci Parts
I'm selling off several parts from 2 generations of Da Vinci printers.

2x Main Controller boards:
1 - The old generation one with the 4 big motor drivers was no longer able to write to the SD card (I attempted to solder a new SD card reader in but with no effect) It has a non-stock firmware flashed to it right now, use it for parts.
2 - The newer generation board with the microsd card has never been turned on so I cannot confirm if it works or not. Visually no damage, should work, no guarantees.

2x Power Supplies, one was never turned on but was from a new unit so it should work, the other works fine but I spliced into the 12v lines, no issues though.

2x LCD control panels, one never turned on but from a new unit both should work fine. LCD ribbon cords also.

2x LED strips.

2x Extruder assembly, one has all the stock items installed like thermistor, heater, small chip board, the other one has no thermistor but has the heater element, and disassembled chip board.

Few other misc things like the optical limit switches 4x, cartridge chip reader, screws.

[Image: NtuUo2.jpg]

I have more images here: [url=[/url]

Any offers please let me know! Ships from Minnesota USA.
Do you have the entire 1.0 bed assembly for sale - minus the glass and heater?
Ryan - is there a contact email to discuss? I'd like to purchase several of these items at the right price...

If you send me a message I can give out my email. Actually I'm not sure if this forum even has PMs lol

You can email me at [email protected]
You're looking for the plastic bed with the 3 screws? Or you need the Z-axis carriage too? If you just need the plastic bed, I've got one you can purchase.
I need the Z axis carriage as well.
I sent you a email about these parts hope you dont mind

Do you still have the extruders available?

Thanks, Larry
Hi, Just sent you another message from the other site. I would love to get that main board and the carriage board plus an LCD and ribbon cable.
Need to get up and running again. Let me know how much you want. Can pay you right away form Paypal. Would $100 be close?
Thanks for your help.
I have an extra se of of boards with very low hours on them I built my own hmi and plc controllers for mine and just have the guts sitting around...
Which version of boards do you have the 1.0 or 1.0a? Please let me know Im needing to get back up and running also and the OP hasnt responded. you can email me at [email protected] or text me at 432-352-0273 thanks
hate to revive an old thread, but I need an endstop if you still have one
I'm looking for stepper control module or if you have the hole board would be fine. [email protected] or 717-673-8001 from PA[Image: unnamed_2015-10-16.jpg]
On these you can swap them with a standard 4988 for ramps with a small adapter plate.
I have a complete working board that I'm going to sell. Please feel free to email me with any offers. The board was removed from my working 1.0 DaVinci XYZ when I recently changed over to a Ramps board. I will include the power supply and the front lcd panel for the right price.
Hi Larry. Would you be prepared to post to Australia? Please let m know roughly how much postage might be to Australia?
Hi Glenn. I'll check today and PM you tonight. I guess I'll need to check about any import issues too. Afraid I'm not very knowledgeable about such things and really have no desire to make any problems for you or myself. Smile

Appreciate it. Going from this end to you is easy, not sure about your end. If you can give me some idea of what you want for it I might be able to find a friend over there who will do the necessary. I either can't or don't know how to PM you. I have just signed up so a Noob. My address is:

A friend bought this beast, has no warranty support and blown two main boards, trying to help her out. Be a long time before I am game to plug in yet another board, but at least if I have a known good one on its way I have away back to original factory software.
Thanks for your interest. No longer required.
Still available by chance? I bricked my board... replaced the processor and forgot to burn the bootloader onto the new chip. Im over it.

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