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Temps too high? Especially Heated Bed?

I've got a Davinci 1.0A for about two weeks now. Switched to lucs Repetier 0.92 right on day 3. Best decision, can recommend this to everybody!
After a bit (too much) reading, I bumped up my temperatures to 230 for first layer, 220 for following bed 110 and 95.
Now it seems my prints melt on the bottom.

Left tank XYZcrapware 0.2 layer, no support, Temps ???

Right tank Repetier 0.92 with Slic3r 0.1 layer, autosupport Temps: see above, speed 30mm/s

I added this tu suck the heat from the extruder. Doesn't seem to work.

So please tell me, are my temps too high, are they somehow of, ...[Image: CIMG2841.jpg][Image: CIMG2842.jpg][Image: CIMG2845.jpg][Image: CIMG2843.jpg][Image: CIMG2844.jpg]
110 and 95 for bed? Stock temp for bed goes to 90C. That seems really high for abs
Is a tad high for the bed. My abs profile is bed at 83 and ill just use slurry if i have corners that are prone to curling. Looks like you could also get away with lowering the extruder temp a couple degrees. If it were me id just print a single layer raft, lowering the bed temp by one or two degrees until i have a happy medium between adhesion and detail.

If a single layer raft melts like that, it may be your first layer speed is too slow.
Thanks for your advices. I read way to much in different forums. Some say print ABS with up to 260°C and use temps like 210°C for PLA...

Right now I'm printing with 235°C extruder and 95°C bed for the first layer and 220/80 for the other layers. Looks good so far after 3 hours (still about 14 to go)

Btw you can print with such hot temps without the lower layers melting down. Just use support for the first 100 layers. And yes it's a pain to remove these afterwards!
Just for others, who have similar problems. I solved it.

A. Temps to high. Obviously
B. Too much extrusion! My steps per mm where set to 99. Extruded 100mm, out came 103mm.
So 99*100mm= 9900 / 103mm = 96,11 steps/mm.

Set to 96 in EEprom. Now my prints don't cae in on edges anymore.

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