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Blank LCD after a small electrostatic zap
Hey everyone. I know the title pretty much gives it away and I'm 90% sure I just need a new LCD module. The story is that I have these new awesome furry slippers that I walk around in at home. The upside: feet are warm. Downside: I get zapped constantly. It hasn't been a problem with the printer up until I touched one of the control buttons near the LCD, felt a very slight electrostatic zap and the LCD went blank. I'm running Luc's repetier firmware with OctoPrint and I've had the LCD go blank once in a while, though every time I was able to fix it by power-cycling the printer. This time, powercycling didn't fix it. I can still operate the printer via OctoPrint, so it's still usable, but LCD makes it much less so. Is there anything I should try, or should I contact XYZ and hope they'll send me a replacement module?
Oh man, that stinks! Im in a cold basement and Ive also been noticing I shock everything I touch. I dont know much about this area, but is the LCD completely dead, including the backlight? Have you unplugged power from the printer and turned on the power switch, just to bleed out the last bit of juice in order to get a fresh power cycle? Good luck man, Ive seen alot of discussions around the LCD here, so Im sure someone will have more detailed advice.
Just tried your suggestion - no dice. The backlight is still operational. I also noticed that, at certain angles, I can still see the text on the screen, but just barely - it's very very faint. I wonder what could have gotten so messed up. Looks like it's time to email XYZ.
Check the flat ribbon cable going to the lcd panel thought I fried mine it was actually the cable comes loose after awhile...

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